About us

SEM TECHOLOGY Group s.r.o. - Czech manufacturer of pipeline fittings for heating, sewerage and drinking water.

The company employs more than 100 employees, including 24 people of engineering and technical personnel, as well as 6 engineers of the highest category. Production facilities area of the company exceeds 30,000m2, and the annual production capacity of ball valves alone is over 10 tons.

    SEM TECHOLOGY Group s.r.o. - manufactures a wide range of products: shut-off and control pipeline valves made of carbon steel and cast iron, pipes Ductile iron for sewerage and drinking water.

    The product range includes:
  • Steel ball valves (welded, flanged, threaded);
  • Steel ball valves for underground installation;
  • Wedge gate valves with rubber wedge;
  • Butterfly valves;
  • Valve;
  • Shut-off and check valves;
  • Butterfly valves with double and triple eccentricity;
  • Ductile iron pipes (for sewerage and drinking water);
  • Knife gate valves for sewerage;
  • Cast iron fittings.

We also note that in 2020, the products of TM "SEM-TECH" were successfully tested at the State Enterprise "Certification testing center of heating equipment "and has established itself as a reliable pipeline shut-off and control fittings.

SEM TECHNOLOGY Group s.r.o. has a representative office in Ukraine that sells and maintenance of pipeline fittings and cost-iron pipes.

The company also provides services:
- By design
- Installation supervision
- Installation work on internal and external engineering networks